SuperSoaker interview

This is the original version of SuperSoaker interview, published here in Italian language.

Why did you decide to start publishing your videos on Internet?
I decided to publish my videos online after making a webcam video for a guy who thought I was hot! I had NO idea...that all of a sudden...he was going to send my videos ELSEWHERE!!!

In your opinion, despite the presence of numerous other amateur videos, why had you so much attention from the public?
I got more attention than I thought... that being... I got an email from a friend... telling me I was featured on for my vids. I couldn't believe it... because I never submitted to them.. I submitted and made a couple vids to a guy I liked off of I had NO IDEA... he was going to take my videos and put them all over the internet!!!

Most people pprefer to stay anonymous on amateur sites. You've chosen to talk and share some moments of your private life. Why?
I choose to tell my private life... because only after 5 years of being OUT and ABOUT in the gay community (an X-lister).. I figured, since I already had a few million views to just my videos on my xtube profile... and a little over a million views to JUST my profile on my xtube profile... that because my life has changed SO MUCH in the last couple years..... my HIV+ Diagnosis was so intense in my life, I wanted to inform others that this is not just a GAY issue... as it's very HUMAN.
Here I was... innocent... used to judge...would NEVER DATE or SLEEP with someone offline who admitted to being HIV+... but YET I TRUSTED THEM!?!? Does that make SENSE?

One of your favorite quotes is: "Every Human Has The Ability To Influence Up To 250 People In Their Lifetime". In which way do you'd like to influence how your audience?
No, it just simpily does NOT! How could I have EVER mistrusted MYSELF? How could I have EVER believed some stranger OFFLINE? I mean, who did HE have sex with last week... or the week before? This virus... HIV, has changed my life so much, that NOW I am realizing how IMPORTANT life is. And how IMPORTANT it IS to just be HONEST not only with others, sexually,physically, socially...but to be so with YOURSELF...I have become so spiritually connected with who I am...and realize that GOD is not just one person...but is EVERY PERSON...that we ALL have the ability to connect within ourselves and EACHOTHER for a better tomorrow!! As Human, here on Earth...we have the ABILITY to influence up to 250 people in our lifetime's. So WHO are YOU going to INFLUENCE TODAY?!

Life is ABOUT LEARNING... GROWING... and TEACHING to others... SHARING... and thats why we must respect our elders. But also respect OURSELVES... our INNERSELVES...because..inside ourselves... we all have a piece of GOD... that GOD... we ALL CONNECT WITH EACHOTHER!!!!